центр фрактального моделирования социальных и политических процессов
центр фрактального моделирования социальных и политических процессов



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Центр фрактального моделирования социальных и политических процессов

«The Center for fractal modeling of social and political processes» was founded on the basis of the G.R. Derzhavin Tambov State University in 2009.
The mission of the Center is to provide organizational and information support to research programs that apply fractal geometry developments to social sciences and humanities. The Center serves to bring together the efforts of specialists in history, sociology and political science. The Center implements projects dealing with developing models of social and political processes by means of fractal geometry. Having been widely spread in natural sciences, nonetheless, this direction is relatively emerging one in social and political fields of knowledge. Yet it does not mean that the Center is not interested in scientific and research projects that use other methodology of modeling.
Our site is the place where you can find out more about projects that are carried out with the Center’s organizational and information support, and read publications and public speaking of our authors on academic conferences. We are looking to cooperate with all researchers concerned with fractal geometry.
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Contact informationPostal address: 33, Internatsionalnaya str., Tambov, 392000, room. 314 , “The Center for fractal modeling of social and political processes”.
Phone: +007 (4752) 713112
Fax: +007 (4752) 710307
E-mails: ineternatum@mail.rulaomin@rambler.ru
Contact persons: Dr. Dmitry S. Zhukov,  Dr. Sergei K. Lyamin

Our partners:

Ассоциация История и компьютер the Russian branch of the Association for History and Computing

ассоциация футурологов Russian association of futurologists

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