центр фрактального моделирования социальных и политических процессов
центр фрактального моделирования социальных и политических процессов



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Центр фрактального моделирования социальных и политических процессов


The Center has a considerable experience of producing software for modeling. The computer programs it developed are unique. The Center staff represents an effective network of interaction between researchers in social sciences, programmers and mathematicians.  
The following programs were developed for projects that are carried out with the Center’s support:
Mentalofractal see
Demofractal see
Imitation see
Imperofractal see

Modernofractal 5.1

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Modernofractal 5.1. is the Center’s most large-scale development.
Modernofractal 5.1 program is designed to conduct computer experiments with a mathematical model describing the transition of social and political systems from one condition to another – GFMT. The program carries out procedures of creating algebraic fractal. The mathematical apparatus of the general fractal model of transit (GFMT) contains iterated formula as well as a series of mathematical conditions that allow to identify geometrical meaning of complex numbers operations with results of interactions between model’s factors. The program generates images of basins of creation states and system attractors in a phase space. Developers: Dmitry Zhukov, Sergei Lyamin, Yulia Movchko.

Honorable colleagues! If you want to get the program for free (not for commercial purposes), please, contact the representative of the rights holder - Dmitry Zhukov, ineternatum@mail.ru
Modernofractal 5.1. (*.zip archive 1,6 Mb)
Certificate of state registration of rights on Modernofractal 5.1
Modernofractal 5.1. reference system in *.chm-format (*.rar archive)
Modernofractal 5.1. reference system in *.pdf-format (full program description)


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