Zhukov D.S., Lyamin S.K. Computer Fractal… [статья, РИНЦ]

Zhukov D.S., Lyamin S.K. Computer Fractal Modeling and Politological Analysis of the Destruction of Traditional Informal Institutions // Modern Research of Social Problems . 2013. №7. doi: 10.12731/2218-7405-2013-7-12 [статья, РИНЦ]

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Abstract: The authors substantiate the objectives for the prospective research program dedicated to the destruction of the traditional informal institutions – the TII. TII is considered by many experts as one of the most significant obstacles for modernization of all systems of Russian socio-political institutions. The article contains a description of the social problems associated with the presence of the TII, also literature analysis on this issue and the statement of the suggested methodology. Creating fractal computer models is a new and highly promising research tool, not only in the natural sciences, but also in the socio-humanitarian disciplines. In the article it is talked about the approaches of construction of a fractal model that imitate, in particular, the transformation of the socio-political institutions (General fractal transition model – GFTM). Also we provide some most interesting – qualitative interpretation of experiments on the simulation of institutional modernization. Hypothetical variants of forced institutional modernization are constructed. Some non-linear effects that arise during the transformation of the “sedimentary” social structures are found. The whole set of such effects authors call “turbulent” accelerated modernization.

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